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In memory of Todor Zhelyazkov & Ivan Boyadzhiev.

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Roelant Hollander – saxophones on “Double ‘O Jazz”, “Duck Dis Drunk Dromedary” & “Yo Sco”, beat, bass, keys programming & sampling on all tracks. Miroslav Petkov – trumpet on all tracks. Jivko (DJ Jijo) Marinov – scratches on “Double ‘O Jazz”, “Nu-Frisco-Funk” & “Yo Sco”. Todor (DJ Emotion) Zhelyazkov – scratches on “Yo Sco”.

Guest artists appearing on this EP: Bertolf Lentink – guitar on “Double ‘O Jazz”. Vito Giacovelli – percussion on “Duck Dis Drunk Dromedary”. Etienne Lebel – trombone on “Nu-Frisco-Funk”. Rutger Renden – bassguitar on “Hip cHops”.

For this album the group chose to use a different Concert Pitch (A4=432Hz).

All tracks were composed, arranged, edited, mixed and produced by Roelant Hollander, except “Double O Jazz” was co-written by Bertolf Lentink.

All tracks recorded by Ivan Boyadzhiev and Roelant Hollander at Studio 21. Converted to 432 by Frederic Van den Poel with the EVO432. Audiophile Analog Mastering by Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos @ Timewarp Mastering.

“Five-piece skat pack DJazz .OrgOnite hook up with Timewarp Music for one of the more curious releases the Greek label has put out in sometime. Combining abstract jazz instrumentation with influences of soul, funk and hip hop, the group’s sound comes across as an oddball pairing of Mr Oizo & Ricardo Villalobos in an acoustic and electrified free jazz vibe. With touches of banjo added to “Nu-Frisco-Funk”, relax into flashes of New York lounge time through “Double ‘O Jazz”, Blaxploitation grooves of “Yo Sco” to the solo-centric “Duck Dis Drunk Dromedary”. (2 April, 2021, junodownload)

A release from the Studio 21 Archive. This EP was recorded in 2010 but not released back then … and now (January 22, 2015) it is.

DJazz is: Roel Hollander (saxophones, composition, beat/bass/keys programming, sampling, editing, mixing), Miroslav Petkov (trumpet), DJ Jijo & DJ Emotion (scratches).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan “Bastardo” Boyadzhiev & Roelant Hollander at Studio 21, Varna, Bulgaria.

Special thanks to DJ Ilko and EVG for making our music their own!

DJazz is: Roelant Hollander (saxophone, beat/bass/keys programming), Miroslav Petkov (trumpet), DJ Emotion & DJ Jijo (scratches).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan “Bastardo” Boyadzhiev & Roelant Hollander at Studio 21, Varna, Bulgaria.

The first track (original mix) is an instrumental piece feat. “Wood” (on guitar) with in the bridge elements of an inspirational speech by Wynton Marsalis (recorded at Northwestern University, Chicago, 26 Jun 2009). The second track is a vocal version of this piece, feat. vocalist Reggie.


This remix has not been officially released (nor does it seem it will be). So, enjoy listening to this track here on SoundCloud.

The original version of this track “Slushai me” was written and performed by Beloslava, Jivko Petrov, Georgi Stanev and Tsvetan Chobanov (

For our remix we used the acoustic version of this piece and spiced it up with a new beat, horns and scratches.

For information about the this remix (A4=440Hz version), please contact Beloslava’s management at: [email protected] (

DJazz is: Roelant Hollander (saxophone, beat programming, arrangement, editing, mixing), DJ Emotion (scratches), DJ Jijo (scratches), Miroslav Petkov (trumpet), Ivan “Tochka” Boyadzhiev (recording, mixing, mastering).

Saxophone, arranged and programmed by Roelant Hollander, scratches by Jivko “DJ Jijo” Marinov & Todor “DJ Emotion” Zhelyazkov, Trumpet by Miroslav Petkov.

Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Ivan “Tochka” Boyadzhiev

Released: 25 Jan 2010 by Collective Sound Members at record label Cloud 9 Dance